This is an outline of my 'usable' wargame armies/navies and the games I play. My main current interests (2017) are RommelBloody Big Battles!,  Irregular WarsMaurice, Galleys & Galleons and Gruntz 15mm.

I've got a lot of old 15mm and some 6mm Ancient and Mediaeval armies which could be used with Impetus, Sword & Spear, DBA or Dux Bellorum. Doing some new 10 mm armies for Dux Bellorum is planned.

I have 15mm colonial Portuguese and Dutch armies for Irregular Wars: Conflict at the World's End. I played this game extensively when helping to playtest the latest edition, but only with counters. I also have some old 25/28mm Early Italian Wars armies which are now used with Impetus.

I have some 10mm Nine Years War armies for use with Rules of Battle, a very overlooked set of rules and IMO one of the best implementations of the DBx style, although it's been some time since I last played it.

I started off with some Seven Years War 2D counters for playing Maurice, but I've now got some 10mm lead armies. They are based and usable and will be painted over time.

I have some Kriegspiel-style blocks and some 10mm American Civil War armies for playing Bloody Big Battles! I also have Command & Colours Napoleonics.

I have 10mm WW1 1918 armies for use with Square Bashing. It's a great game but a little too long for a club evening when only one person knows the rules. I have also used the figures for Red Actions, and I'm currently raising some Chinese Warlord forces for the latter. I also have individuslly-based 28mm Irish War of Independence figures for use with FUBAR (or Gruntz 15mm?), and some 15mm Spanish Civil War, Stalingrad and Normandy armies for Crossfire. I've probably played Crossfire more than any other game which is why I'm currently taking a break from it. I have some extensive 10mm WW2 Normandy armies but they have literally never been used but are now destined for Rommel. I also have 6mm Cold War armies which I've used with Cold War Commander.

I have  1/600-650 Ancient Naval galleys which I use with Corvus II, some 1/450 pirate ships from the 'Golden Age of Piracy' which I use with Galleys & Galleons, a few 1/2400 Napoleonic Naval ships that I've never got round to using, and a large number of 1/3000 Spanish-American and Russo-Japanese Pre-dreadnoughts for use with Damn Battleships Again.

These are armies which are painted but have not been used for many years:

  • Sassanids - 25mm. I will probably sell these.
  • Vikings - 25mm. These could be reorganised for Dux Bellorum and/or Saga. They would stretch to the creation of two armies, but Viking vs Viking isn't particularly interesting. I also have quite a lot of half-painted Vikings.
  • Anglo-Zulu War - 6mm. These might be usable. Otherwise I may sell them.